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Start each day in a happy way…




We sing a song at playgroup where the words say ” I woke up this morning with clapping hands”, it continues through various movements like “I woke up this morning with… dancing feet” then “tapping toes”  .  I love this song because it reminds me to do just this… wake up and do something happy, nice, positive and good.  My favourite is “I woke up this morning with a smile on my face” this is my goal, to wake up and smile and say “hello new day”.  Yep I know it probably sounds a little corny but it might just start the day ‘in a happy way”.  If you grew up a teenager in the ’80’s you may remember Holly Hobby?  I was a huge fan when I was 13ish.  I even dressed in clothes (sometimes) similar.  But she had cute little sayings and I think we had a plaque or card one that said “start each day in a happy way” and it just stuck.

Life is sometimes hard and its easy to wake up and lie there and say to yourself…”argh another day…”.  So have a little think about the small things you enjoy and take the time to do just that …. start your day in a happy way.

We have children and jobs and partners that need our attention and you know sometimes we can take them with us on our challenge to start our day.  Because I love cuppas I decided to introduce my boys to the tradition of having them.  So I introduced them to pots of tea when they were young and we would sit down to some tea in the morning.  It became a tradition in the mornings as we would have some family time together sharing bible scriptures and praying whilst sipping our tea or coffee.

My challenge is to find my ‘happy way’ simply each day.

Hope you find yours.

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  1. You write so well, Jules. I love your blog. Hope you find some time to do more posts!

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